How to sell on Takealot.Com for beginner
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How to sell on Takealot.Com for beginner

How to sell on Takealot.Com for beginner Are you new to selling online and have been wanting to list your products on the takealot market place ? in this article

  • PublishedMay 6, 2024

How to sell on Takealot.Com for beginner

Are you new to selling online and have been wanting to list your products on the takealot market place ? in this article we are going to walk you on how to sell on as a beginner.

Takealot is the South African Amazon with over 3 million South African buying on their platform from different sellers selling on their Market place.

Introductions to the takealot Market

Before you can start selling online, lets first understand more about takealot and how it works.

Takealot is a connection between buyers and sellers.

About company: is one of the leading online e-commerce company based in Cape Town, South Africa, which was established in June 2011. It is regarded as South Africa’s largest online retailer.

Takealot seller Requirements:

  • Have a company registered with the South African CIPC
  • A South African Business Account Bank
  • Products you want to sell ( Its important that the products you are looking to sell should be unique)
  • Your company should be registered for Tax with Sars
  • Website (Option )
  • Social Media (Optional)

How to find winning products

To avoid being rejected, we suggest you first take your time to analyse the takealot market place to see which products are missing on their Market. Here’s a step by step guideline to finding your unique product that is high in demand.

  • Step 1 write a list of product you want to sell.
  • Step 2 Search on takealot to see if they are available.
  • Step 3 Look for Supply , May sellers from takelot buy from China , however you can always look for local one to avoid shipping fees and waiting.
  • Step 4 Ask the seller to send you samples and take pictures.
  • Step 5 Do your research about the takelot services fees to better price your product.

Benefits of Selling on Takealot

Here are the benefits accounting to the company:

  • Optimise Your Growth: Easily boost your sales by leveraging our active customer base of over 3 million happy online shoppers.
  • End–to–End Solutions: We’ll provide the tools you need to set up and sell – manage your stock, pricing, product selection and more from the Takealot Seller Portal.
  • Hassle–Free Logistics: From handling warehousing to delivery and returns, we’ve made online retail easier than ever.
  • Safe & Secure Online Payments: Payments are made directly to you four times per month.


  • Sellers must deliver the product direct to the takealot warehouse.
  • Monthly services fee many be to high to may sellers if they are not making any sells.
  • Money made on products must be shared to with takealot.
  • Sellers without a car cannot enter the warehouse, meaning the are no walk-in , if you don’t have a car you must hire or borrow someone’s car just to enter the warehouse.

Takealot services fees

The takealot has 3 services fees which need to be paid according to product categories.


  • success fee: The success fee is paid when customer makes a purchases fee from for your product.
  • Fulfilment Fee: Is the money paid when they deliver seller products, which depends on the product weight in Kg .
  • Storage fee: The money that seller has to pay every months for having their product placed at takealot warehouse.

Here’s a break down Success Fee

Success Fee % on VAT inclusive product selling price excluding shipping *Product Categories
12.0% – 15.0%Baby
10.0% – 15.0%Beauty
14.0% – 14.0%Books
4.0% – 12.0%Cameras
8.0% – 15.0%Camping & Outdoor
10.0% – 18.0%Clothing & Footwear
6.0% – 9.0%Computer Components
5.0% – 9.0%Computers & Laptops
10.0% – 12.0%DIY & Automotive
10.0% – 14.0%Electronic Accessories
5.5% – 15.0%Games
12.0% – 14.0%Garden, Pool & Patio
10.0% – 12.0%Health
15.0% – 15.0%Homeware
8.0% – 10.0%Large Appliances
7.0% – 10.0%Liquor
15.0% – 15.0%Luggage & Travel
10.0% – 15.0%Music & DVD
8.0% – 12.0%Musical Instruments
8.0% – 8.0%Non-Perishable
7.0% – 12.0%Office
10.0% – 10.0%Office Furniture
10.0% – 10.0%Pets
10.0% – 12.0%Small Appliances
5.0% – 14.0%Smart Home & Connected Living
12.0% – 15.0%Sport
10.0% – 14.0%Stationery
12.0% – 12.0%Toys
5.5% – 12.0%TV & Audio

Takealot Sellers application

  1. Step 1: visit the takealot website ””
  2. Step 2: Scroll down to the website footer and be on look for “Sell on Takealot” and click on it
  3. Step 3: Read the 3 services fees.
  4. Step 4: Click on the ” apply button “
  5. Step 5: Complete the takealot application form and apply to sell.

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